Introductory Programs


Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re In without Going Crazy—Book Club

with Christine Lincoln & George Ramsey

August 18th—October 13th

Please join us for a study/action group at Boulder Shambhala. Do you start to feel crazy every time someone mentions climate change? There is an alternative. Continue »

The Bardos in Everyday Life

with Andrew Holecek

September 3rd—October 1st

For the awakened ones, death is an illusion, and this course will lead you to that awakening. Continue »

Mindful Handwork Social Gathering

September 5th—November 21st

Join this biweekly, relaxed, creative social gathering, and bring your handiwork! We will share tea, informal conversation, and the opportunity to practice handiwork—such as knitting, crocheting, beading, and other creative arts. Continue »

Dharmic Warriors

September 6th—November 15th

Teens! Join our biweekly gathering for socializing and mindfulness. Being a teen can be rough, especially in these challenging and confusing times... Continue »

Shambhala Training I: The Art of Being Human

with Margot Iseman

September 6th—September 8th

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. Opening to this original nature with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine, dignified, caring human beings. Continue »

Traditional Chinese Qigong: Levels 1 & 2

with Acharya Dale Asrael

September 7th—September 8th

Qigong is a form of gentle, relaxing exercises to strengthen joints, muscles, tendons, and bones, and to increase flexibility, stimulate the circulation of energy in our body, and enhance mental clarity. Continue »

Meditation in Everyday Life

September 10th—October 8th

This course provides introductory tools and teachings to weave the insights of meditation into daily life. With simple instructions and support, meditation practice can become an integral part of our lives, increasing our stability, strength, and clarity. Continue »

Refuge Vow Class

September 18th—October 2nd

The refuge vow is the ancient, traditional ceremony of becoming a Buddhist. "By taking the refuge vow, we commit ourselves to freedom." —Chögyam Trungpa Continue »

Spontaneous Creativity with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

September 19th—September 22nd

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will offer support for participants to engage their creative nature, release pain identities that create blockages, and awaken to greater inspiration, awareness, openness, and abilities to joyfully serve others. Continue »

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

with Richard Merrill & Acharya Holly Gayley

September 27th—September 29th

In this weekend retreat, we will explore the unique and provocative teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness within a context of sitting meditation and contemplative movement practices. Continue »