Getting Started

Welcome to the Boulder Shambhala Center!

We look forward to getting to know you! Please feel welcome to stop by the center for a visit. The Boulder Shambhala Center is part of Shambhala, an international community of meditation centers and groups. We offer extensive training in meditation through introductory classes, curriculum-based programs and individual meditation instruction.

Meditation helps us synchronize body and mind in order to be present, awake, and complete. We can then apply the sanity, clarity, and presence developed in meditation to our everyday lives. Relating to life in this way creates dignified human culture, including kindness, love, and compassion. We welcome all people interested in the practice of meditation and anyone who aspires to expand the experience of gentleness and nonaggression into all areas of life.

Learn more about the Boulder Shambhala Center and community at these events:


We welcome all to explore and participate! If you have any questions, contact us.




Mindful Handwork Social Gathering

June 13th—July 25th

Join this biweekly, relaxed, creative social gathering, and bring your handiwork! We will share tea, informal conversation, and the opportunity to practice handiwork—such as knitting, crocheting, beading, and other creative arts. Continue »

Sadhana of Mahamudra Weekend

with Barbara Smith

July 19th—July 21st - Date postponed or cancelled

This class is open to all. Everyone who is interested is welcomed to attend the introduction on Friday evening before deciding to commit to the weekend. Continue »

New Members Welcome & Orientation

July 21st

We would like to personally welcome all new community members of the Boulder Shambhala Center. Continue »

Transcendent Intelligence: Helping the World through Meditative Insight with Changling Rinpoche

July 29th

Join us for this special public talk where Changling Rinpoche will present Prajnaparamita teachings! Continue »

Rites of Passage

with Kerry MacLean, Kelly MacLean, Rachel Steele

August 5th—August 11th

This special program marks a child’s first major step to adulthood—the transition from being dependent on one’s parents to gaining confidence as a contributing member of society, taking on greater responsibility within the family and the community. Continue »