Thursday Night Open Class

August 17th—May 2nd

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    Room: Shambhala Training Hall

    Every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm

    Free with a $10 suggested donation: You can register HERE, or simply show up with some cash if you want to make a donation, which is not required to join. Please come!!!

    All are warmly invited any or every Thursday evening to the Boulder Shambhala Center where a senior teacher will lead a period of sitting meditation practice (with meditation instruction for those who are new) followed by a presentation with questions and discussion. Each week’s presentation is on a topic inspired by the Buddhist, Shambhala or Arts & Culture, contemplative paths. At the end there will be refreshments and time to socialize. Beginners and advanced practitioners are all welcome!

    Here is the upcoming schedule:

    February 22nd: Sherry Ellms - Rediscovering our True Nature in Nature

    February 28th: Angelika Behrooz - Confidence Beyond Words

    March 7th: Gary Allen - Secular Mindfulness and Non-Theistic Faith

    March 14th: Erika Berland - Mindfulness of Bod: The ground of our meditation practice

    March 21st: Roland Cohen - Traveling the Path of Awakenment

    For more information please email [email protected].