Welcome to the Boulder Shambhala Center

“According to the Buddhist tradition, we don’t ever get new wisdom, nor does any foreign element come into our state of mind at all. Rather, practice is a question of waking up and shedding our covers. We have those goodies in us already; we only have to uncover them.”  

     —Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Founder of the Shambhala Tradition

Boulder Shambhala Center’s COVID-19 Protocols

The Boulder Shambhala Center is closed to the public at this time as renovations are in process.

We continue to be open to Sangha members who are fully vaccinated Sangha and participating in in-person and hybrid programs and practice sessions. Proof of vaccination or medical exemption is required. Please arrive wearing a mask. Masks may be removed once settled on one’s meditation seat. As the Center approaches completion over the next month of our extensive renovations, we look forward to resuming regular weekday open hours and evening meditation at the start of the New Year. Please check our Calendar for scheduled programs and practice session.

New & Featured Programs

OK I’m Mindful, Now What?

with Andrew Holecek

January 5th—March 9th (2022)

This course offers a healthy critique of mindfulness, and a survey of the many meditations that transcend (but include) it. What exactly is mindfulness, and who came up with it? Registration & more info here.


Upcoming Programs

Early Morning Meditation (In-Person)

September 27th—December 10th

Early morning weekly meditation facilitated by Hugh Pixler. Continue »

Walking the Bodhisattva Path (SSBS)

December 7th—January 8th (2022)

In Walking the Bodhisattva Path, Rinpoche presents the mahayana path of dedicating one's life and practice to rousing awakened heart and engaging the practices of a bodhisattva warrior for the benefit of all sentient beings. Continue »

HYBRIID Kurukulla Feast

December 8th

All authorized practitioners are welcome to the Kurukulla Feast! This practice is restricted to authorized sadhakas. Continue »

Shambhala Training III: Warrior in the World

with Richard Merrill

December 10th—December 12th

In Shambhala Training III, we work in a deliberate way, making an effort to bring the mindfulness and awareness cultivated in our meditation practice into all aspects of daily life. Continue »

Primordial Rigden Ngondro Practice

December 11th—June 4th (2022)

Each Saturday morning we will be practicing the Primordial Rigden Ngondro at the Boulder Shambhala Center and via Zoom to complete our practice sessions for the Great Mandala of Blessings. Continue »