Boulder Shambhala Introduction to the Organization and Mission Statement

Established in 1974, the Boulder Shambhala Center is part of the global Shambhala network and works under the guidance of Shambhala USA. Our main focus is to teach and practice mindfulness meditation; to create a cultural center; and to build an enlightened society.

It is the Shambhala view that every human being has a fundamental nature of goodness, warmth, and intelligence. This nature can be cultivated through meditation, following ancient principles, and it can be further developed in daily life, so that it radiates out to family, friends, community, and society. We aspire to awaken our innate goodness, wisdom, and compassion so that we may skillfully work to mitigate suffering in human society and the natural world. In so doing, we endeavor to create a wakeful society of kindness, generosity, and courage within our homes, our community, and in the world.

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Boulder Shambhala Center Community Support 

We’re committed to supporting our members during these difficult times. Please click one of the links below if you need support or are able to offer support to others.

Featured Program:

This inspiring, in-depth five-week program (three 1-day retreats and two evening classes—all via Zoom) offers the foundation of the journey and way of life as presented by the Buddha and taught by Chogyam Trungpa. Click here to learn more and to register. Begins February 20th!



NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Boulder Shambhala Center is currently closed to the public. We continue to offer many great online classes and practice sessions. Please join us in the virtual shrine room.

BSC staff is working remotely. We will be in touch with you! 

Featured Programs

Conversation with the Director

with Jessie Friedman

January 26th—June 22nd

Informal conversation with our Boulder Shambhala Center Director, Jessie Friedman. Continue »

Meditation in Everyday Life

February 16th—March 16th

Open to all! Learn how to meditate and live a mindful life. Continue »

A Time to go Deeper: The Unique Buddhist Teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

with Judy Lief, Carolyn Gimian, Gaylon Ferguson, Martin Janowitz

February 20th—March 20th

This inspiring, in-depth five-week program (three 1-day retreats and two evening classes—all via Zoom) offers the foundation of the journey and way of life as presented by the Buddha and taught by Chogyam Trungpa. Open to all! Continue »

A Time to Go Deeper: Core Foundational Teachings

with Gaylon Ferguson

March 6th

In the first presentations by the Buddha, he introduced many core teachings, particularly the Four Noble Truths. We are encouraged to realize the truth of suffering, understand the causes of suffering, and walk the path to liberation from suffering. Open Continue »

Fearlessness in Everyday Life

March 8th—April 5th

This course introduces the Buddhist teachings on emptiness and the nature of reality. Connecting with this unborn nature, we explore the clarity and precision of living in the moment. As warriors at this level, we dare to face life and death as they are. Continue »

Werma Feast Online

March 10th

Werma Sadhakas, please join us online for our monthly Werma Feast Continue »


Free and open to all! Donations are welcome & appreciated.

For more information about these offerings, click HERE to view our monthly calendar, and then click the offering you would like to read more information about. 


Monday, 6-7PM MDT
With senior teachers and weekly themes
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Every Tuesday, 5:30PM MDT
Addiction recovery support
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2nd & 4th Wednesday, 7PM MDT
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Every Thursday, 5:30 PM MDT
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Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, 6-7:30PM MDT
Contact [email protected] for Zoom link and password

Every Thursday, 7-8:30PM MDT
with Denver Shambhala Center
Zoom link to join Password: 920030

Sunday, 10-11AM MDT
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Second Sunday, 11AM-Noon MDT
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