Maitri Care Team

The Maitri Care team supports the Boulder Shambhala Center community by keeping a “thumb on the pulse” of societal well-being.  Part care and part advocacy, the team takes its name from the Sanskrit word for friendliness – “Maitri” – and connects with sangha members from a place of care and friendliness.  At times of transition and illness, remembering basic goodness, our intrinsic humanity, is key.


Support is often needed at times of financial and social disruptions.  The team can be in connection with members who might be severely ill, experience injury, suffer great loss, or be in emotional and/or psychological distress.  The team may interface with the Boulder Shambhala Kasung and/or Desung, or work with the Neighborhood Stewards, to be further aware of community members’ needs.

In addition, the Maitri Care Team would also like to mark major life events of community members such as marriage, birth, graduation, or loss.

How to connect with the Maitri Care Team?

The Maitri Care Team will help community members identify basic needs and access resources within the larger Front Range that they may not be able to access on their own.  We would love to hear from you.  You may reach out to us by clicking the link below:

Request Support HERE

Below are resources available to you:


Older Adult Services
Area Agency on Aging
Senior Services

Food Assistance –

Boulder County Food Pantries
Food Assistance (SNAP)

Housing Assistance-

Volunteers of America
Boulder County Housing and Human Services

Boulder Housing Partners
Emergency Family Assistance Association
TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)
Mercy Housing

Utilities Assistance-

Maitri Care Team Members:

Elaine Yuen, Buddhist Chaplin                             Erik Castro, Sociology Grad Student


Jessie Friedman, Director of BSC             Margot Iseman, Naropa University


Rose Sposito, Focusing Teacher          Tracy Suchocki, BSC Comm. Care