Program Staffing

The Path of Service at the Boulder Shambhala Center

Graduates of Shambhala Training III are invited to aide any Way of Shambhala Program that they have already attended. Once aides have some experience with staffing, they may begin to coordinate programs if they wish.

Staffing is a great way to review and manifest the Way of Shambhala practices and teachings. In addition, staff who serve a full weekend program will receive $120 of program credit for various BSC programs. (Note: In order to record your program merit you must notify the Office of Practice and Education after each program that you staff. Please email [email protected]. Thank you!)

The “Everyday Life” and “Basic Goodness” weekly classes can be taken for free as a coordinator. You do not need experience as an aide to coordinate these classes.

If you have any questions about aiding or coordinating classes at BSC, please contact Tracy Suchocki, Director of Membership and Service, at [email protected], or 303.444.0190, ext. 104.