Way of Shambhala Programs

Way of Shambhala

Meditation in Everyday Life

with Travis May

September 10th—October 8th

This course provides introductory tools and teachings to weave the insights of meditation into daily life. With simple instructions and support, meditation practice can become an integral part of our lives, increasing our stability, strength, and clarity. Continue »

Shambhala Training I: The Art of Being Human

with Shastri Andrew Sacamano

September 27th—September 29th

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. Opening to this original nature with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine, dignified, caring human beings. Continue »

Shambhala Training II: Birth of the Warrior

October 4th—October 6th

This program builds on the foundation of the meditation practice that was introduced in Shambhala Training I and explores how habitual ways of thinking obscure the raw brilliance of the world. Continue »

Sacred Path II: Windhorse

with Roland Cohen

October 18th—October 20th

This program, the second in the Sacred Path series, teaches a practice to bring about skillful and heartfelt social engagement, enabling the warrior to go forward in the midst of whatever challenges occur. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life

October 22nd—November 19th

This course provides an exploration of genuine contentment, the foundational views of the Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life. Continue »