Refund and Program Pricing Policies

Refund Policy
There is a $25 non-refundable cancellation fee if you cancel your program registration within two weeks before a weekend or class program begins.

After classes begin, there are no refunds except for emergencies. There will be no refunds for early departures from a program. For single evening lectures, there will be no refunds given.

Program Credit
The Finance Manager may grant Program Credit in lieu of a refund. Program Credit can be used for up to the full amount of a program fee and expires after one year.

Repeating Classes
Participants are welcome to repeat a class they have already attended for half of the program price. This applies only to core curriculum classes.

Program Merit Policy
Those who aide or coordinate a complete Way of Shambhala program earn $130 in Program Merit. Staffing part of a program does not qualify. All weekend and weeknight Way of Shambhala programs qualify.

To offer service for Program Merit, please contact the office of Practice and Education at [email protected] or 303.444.0190 x104.


  • To make use of Program Merit, please notify P&E or Registration which program you would like to apply the Merit towards. Please call ahead—these arrangements cannot be made at the registration table.
  • If you wish, an additional offering of $20–40 is appropriate to offset program expenses.
  • Program Merit expires after one year.
  • You cannot transfer your Program Merit to friends or family. They are welcome to use the Generosity Policy if needed.
  • If coordinators or aides of a class are attending that class for the first time, they may attend free of charge in lieu of receiving Program Merit.


Satellite Staff, BSC Council Members, and Kasung
During their terms, satellite staff and BSC council members may attend programs for free. They must pay any materials fees, and if desired, an offering of $20–40 per program is appropriate. The same policy applies to kasung on duty for a program.

Meditation Instructor and Assistant Director Policy
Meditation Instructors and Assistant Directors are welcome to attend Way of Shambhala classes for a donation. All materials fees must be paid in full.

Shambhala Mountain Center
For Shambhala Mountain Center full-time, year-round employees:

  • Way of Shambhala Year One: please pay the subsidized rate. Alternatively, the Generosity Policy is available to all.
  • Way of Shambhala Year Two: $50 tuition + materials fees.
  • Non-core path programs: no discount offered. Please use the subsidized rate, or request the Generosity Policy if needed.


Questions? Please contact Eileen Malloy, Operations Manager, at [email protected] or 303.444.0190 x102 to discuss your situation.