The Healing Magic of Asian Calligraphy

April 6th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Update: Cancelled due to very high winds this evening. We will announce a reschedule date.


    A Walk Through the Ages from Ancient to Modern, in an Exhibition of 25 Large Scrolls. 

    Marlow Brooks, a world-renowned calligrapher and Five Element Plant Spirit Healer, will walk us through an exhibit of her beautifully mounted scrolls, many of which have traveled to shows throughout Asia and the world. 

    She will explain how Chinese Calligraphy, which originated with simple pictograms, evolved over centuries to become the highest art form of China and Japan. It is considered to be a healing practice that invokes direct perception and synchronizes our body, mind, and spirit. Marlow has taught both Calligraphy and Chinese Medicine at Naropa University since 1997. She honors, above all, the sacred roots and branches of nature in her art and healing practices.

    Marlow will be available to discuss her art displayed at the Shambhala Center immediately following the "The Dharma of Art" panel. The walkthrough will begin at 6pm.

    Here is the associated page on the Boulder Arts Week website.

    For more information, visit and follow her on Instagram @marlowbrooks