Four Foundations of Mindfulness (SSBS)

April 29th—May 1st

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  • $150 Full Price
  • $175 Sponsor
  • $125 BSC Member
  • $75 Subsidized
Room: Main Shrine Room

Friday 4/29, 7-9PM

Saturday & Sunday 4/30 & 5/1, 9AM-5PM

Hybrid class with in-person and online options available

A Community Practice Intensive

All teachers of the tradition emphasize the critical importance of beginning the Buddhist path "at the beginning," by relating directly to one's mind through the practice of mindfulness (Tib: trenpa) and awareness (Tib: sheshin) meditation. Traditionally, the four foundations are the first undertaking of the first path of accumulation.

This intensive demonstrates the degree of precision that can be applied to meditation practice. Participants experience a range of meditation techniques that emphasize both flexibility and the personal responsibility for "being your own meditation instructor."

This is a weekend program of intensive meditation for practitioners at all levels of practice, including teachers and meditation instructors who wish to deepen their practice.

Community weekend intensive
Friday night talk
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 to 5:00

This class is part of the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies series—a complete cycle of teachings to immerse the interested learner in the path of Buddhism. To learn more and register for other SSBS classes, please click on a class below:

Cycle 1:

Taming the Mind
Shamatha: Nine Stages
Walking the Boddhisattva Path
Maitri: Five Wisdom Energies

Cycle 2:

The Three Jewels
Bodhisattva Warrior: The Six Paramitas
Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Lineage & Devotion

Cycle 3:

Karma: Five Skandhas & Twelve Nidanas
Union of Shamatha-Vipashyana
Sadhana of Mahamudra

Cycle 4:

Life of Buddha & History of Sangha
Mahayana & Bodhisattva Vow
Journey Without Goal