Sacred Path I: Great Eastern Sun

January 7th—January 9th (2022)

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Room: Shambhala Training Hall

This weekend introduces how to see the primordial energy and brilliance that radiate from the fabric of all phenomena—the Great Eastern Sun.

During a series of visionary experiences that took place between 1976 and 1980, Chögyam Trungpa wrote down what became known as the Shambhala root texts. These Shambhala treasure teachings present a societal vision and aspiration to help the world manifest a good human society in difficult times.

The Sacred Path program offers a series of weekend retreats to study these teachings, and also introduces further warriorship practices to extend basic meditation training and cultivate individual dignity.

The Great Eastern Sun is the first of five weekends in the Sacred Path series. The vision of the Great Eastern Sun is the entrance into sacred world and continues the lifelong journey of creating uplifted, sane society in our lives.

Prerequisites: Shambhala Training I–V, the "Everyday Life" series, and "Rigden: Unconditional Confidence." Enlightened Society Assembly is not a prerequisite.

Shambhala weekends are structured to offer teachings within the context of an urban retreat atmosphere. Attendance is required for the Friday night talk and for each session of the program.