Women's Circle

with Emma Fox

December 16th (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Community Room
    From an Eco-Feminist perspective, the dominant narrative of conquering the Earth is akin to the deeply ingrained desire to conquer the female body (and control bodies in general). One manifestation of this form of patriarchal control has been to keep us in a rather heady, intellectual space instead of a truly embodied mode of existence.

    In this Women’s Circle, we will begin to unpack the ways that patriarchy has informed our behavior and sense of self by moving out of our heads and into our bodies to awaken a deeply felt connection between our bodies and the Earth. We will start with a grounding practice and shift into a sharing circle where we will explore the practice of authentic storytelling, speaking from our hearts instead of our heads. The main intention here is to release some stored trauma that prevents us from truly embodying our beautifully supportive connection to Mother Earth. Let's get grounded!