Way of Shambhala 2018–2019 Full Cycle

September 25th

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  • $1000 Full Price
  • $1500 Sponsor
Room: Shambhala Training Hall

Warriorship is so tender, without skin, without tissue, naked and raw. It is soft and gentle. You have renounced
 putting on a new suit of armor. You have renounced growing a thick, 
hard skin. You are willing to expose naked flesh, bone, and marrow to 
the world.         —Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Way of Shambhala 2018–2019 Full Cycle

Over the next year, the Boulder Shambhala Center is offering the Way of Shambhala curriculum in multiple formats, including weekends, mornings, and evenings. If you sign up for the entire series and commit to completing it during the 2018–2019 cycle, you can receive 40% off! The full package costs $1000, plus optional texts.

The full Way of Shambhala cycle includes ten courses, including all five Shambhala Training programs and all five "In Everyday Life" classes. Please explore our online calendar for our various Way of Shambhala offerings.

Good Morning Shambhala (GMS) classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We will need eight people to sign up for GMS in order to run this program. The seven month GMS format includes five classes of each course, totalling 50 morning classes:

   Sep 25–Oct 9: GMS Shambhala Training I, "Art of Being Human"  Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Oct 16–30: GMS Meditation in Everyday Life   Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Nov 6–20:  GMS Shambhala Training II, "Birth of the Warrior" Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Nov 27–Dec 10: GMS Contentment in Everyday Life  Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Jan 10–24: GMS Shambhala Training III, "Warrior in the World" Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Feb 7–21:  GMS Joy in Everyday Life   Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Feb 28–Mar 14: GMS Shambhala Training IV, "Awakened Heart"   Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Mar 19–Apr 2:  GMS Fearlessness in Everyday Life  Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   Apr 11–25:  GMS Shambhala Training V, "Open Sky"   Tu & Th 9:30-noon
   May 2–16:   GMS Wisdom in Everyday Life  Tu & Th 9:30-noon