Global Climate Strike Events on Sept. 20th.

Dear friends,

You are invited to join a morning of sitting meditation practice, prior to The Global Climate Strike events, on Friday, Sept. 20, 9-10:30 at the Boulder Shambhala Center. We gather in support of the millions of young people who have participated in the Friday Student Strikes, begun by teenage Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg. They are calling on all of us to wake up to the reality that we all face—a future in jeopardy. 

We will gather in peaceful solidarity, care, and concern to practice compassion for the earth and all of its inhabitants from 9-10:30, with the option to then walk up to Norlin Quadrangle on the CU campus for the strike beginning at 11. 

Invite your friends. All are welcome.

And, then let’s get to work and do our part for protecting and nurturing a healthy future for all.



David, Gary, Erika, Emily, George, Chris, and Rick

for the Boulder Touching the Earth group