Roof Progress at BSC!

Although we’re currently in the middle of a thunderstorm, there has been progress on the roof at the Boulder Shambhala Center.

Our project manager, Cody Mekelburg, was recently up close to the tser togs, and got some photos.  The new photos show a great deal of wear on the gold leafing, to the extent that we decided the entire tser tog would need to be re-gilded.  Cody advised that the best way to do that would be to bring them down with the roofing contractor’s crane, take them indoors, and gold leaf them in doors, then re-install them, again using a crane.

Having considered the time and expense of this project, (not to mention the risk to life, limb, and the tser togs) Cody and I decided, and Dennis Southward concurs, that the best thing to do is to re-prime them and paint them with gold paint.  Cody can do that with them in place on the roof.  At this point that is the plan.

More to come!