Roof Project Update

By Eileen Malloy, BSC Director of Operations

After several delays, the Dorje Dzong roof is being replaced beginning May 13th.

Please join us for a blessing ceremony and lhasang with Lama Pegyal on May 13th from 2–4pm.

The work should be substantially completed by June 12th, with an additional 2 weeks built into the schedule for finishing work and to disassemble the scaffolding.

Scaffolding will be erected on the south and east sides of the building (Spruce Street and 14th Street sides). Those sidewalks will be covered. The BSC parking lot, street parking along 14th street, and one lane of 14th street will be closed.

The Main Shrine Room will be available during the entire construction period, but noise from the roof work may impact meditation. You may choose to practice in one of the other shrine rooms when they are available. We will see what the noise level is like once work begins.

We will also assess the level of dust and debris that falls into the shrine room as work begins on the west side of the building. If we find that there is debris falling into the shrine room, we will cover objects in the room.

From May 13th through completion, the back door will be available for ADA access only, in other words only if you need to use the ramp. Please use the front door to enter the building. There will be a lock box at the front door, using the same code as the back door lock box, for authorized access when the building is closed to the public.

Our parking lot is the main staging area, and materials will be passed up to the roof over the ramp. There will be a net covering the back ramp to catch falling objects, so we can keep the ramp open for wheelchair access. We are closing the back door as an additional safety measure. The front entrance will be fully covered and is the safest entrance to use. Shambhala Credit Union customers will also use the main, front entrance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 303.444.0190 x102, or [email protected].

This project is paid for in part by a History Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

Yours in the vision of the Great Eastern Sun,
Eileen Malloy