XOL ORIGINAL Four Directions Footwear Line: Upcycled Shoes

By Valentino Romero

Hello Diverse Shambhala Family,

May we all be splendid in limitless original ways.

I have been a part of the Shambhala community since 2005 as a mechanic at SMC. You can imagine how messy and fun that was! From there, given that I was well prepared to live on next to zero resources, I felt duly inspired to move to a third world country and live in a tin shanty house of sort, so I did. Basically that was me living in an indigenous Mayan village learning how to live with quiet eyes and heart, where before I had mostly heard only of quieting my mind.

I built deep relationships with indigenous masters of their craft, and this work is the culmination of those efforts to make meaningful beauty in this world, one step at a time. They may look like shoes filled with color, but they are filled with so much more. If you had the chance to come to our event at the Boulder Shambhala Center, then you know in your heart, belly, and feet; this is a cultural war song of peace and dignity.

Please join me, and we, in our nonprofit mission to change the way we create and care for the sacred ancestral colors we all carry. If you feel so inspired, my Shambhala familia, dress your heart, feet, and tummies with the ancient ways of beauty and togetherness, and plant the seed of possibility for many native artisans who safeguard the knowledge of the original way. Check out my life’s work. My hope is that you really feel into it: https://kck.st/2v1JMgm

From the trenches of sacredness and worthiness,
Valentino Romero