David and Emily Takahashi erase carbon footprint of Martin Acres residence


(excerpt from the Daily Camera):

David and Emily Takahashi erase carbon footprint of Martin Acres residence

David and Emily Takahashi moved to a 60-year–old house in Boulder in 2012 after losing their home in the Fourmile Fire.

They were not only making a new start for themselves, however. They also have given new life to their residence, taking a series of steps to make it 100 percent dependent on renewable energy.

“It’s a very good feeling to turn on a light switch or have the heat go on and know that you’re not contributing to fossil fuel burning. That’s just a really, really good feeling,” said Emily Takahashi.

About two years ago, Emily Takahashi started a group called Salon On Climate Change at the Boulder Shambhala Center. They meet monthly and sponsor a weekend program called The Living Experiment.

Sustainability is in Emily Takahashi’s blood. Her father, scientist Charles David Keeling was the first to alert the world to the possibility of anthropogenic contribution to the greenhouse effect and global warming, by recording carbon dioxide at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

“At the end of this program we all took a pledge,” said Emily Takahashi. “It was self- inspired, whatever you could do to move the needle just a little bit. David and I decided that we would take on converting our home to fossil fuel-free. That was an ambitious project.”

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