The Dollar a Day for Dharma Society

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Our sustainability into the future!


Introducing: The Dollar a Day for Dharma Society
This is a new fund dedicated to keeping the Center going as a gift to coming generations who will live in a time well-suited to the spiritual lineages we have been bequeathed, a precious legacy for the future.
Can we dedicate $1 a day above our monthly membership dues toward sustaining our Boulder Shambhala Center throughout our lifetime and as a legacy for future generations?
We often don’t miss our water until our well runs dry. This is unfortunate and brings unwelcome results over and over again. Let’s imagine a world without Shambhala; Boulder without the Boulder Shambhala Center; without the Boulder Bookstore; the Trident, the Boulder Public Library, or other cherished institutions. This campaign looks forward to a time when our grandchildren and their children have a Boulder Shambhala Center. The reason they have one is that in this very lifetime, we decided to bequeath this gift to the future, and they are grateful.
The View: A glimpse into the future: It is 2075; we still are bringing enlightened society to the world, and the world sees its value. The Boulder Shambhala Center continues to further the vision and reality of a greater enlightened society which thrives on the intrinsic goodness, deep intelligence, and innate kindness of all human beings.
The Path: Boulder Shambhala on $1 a day. This special fund is dedicated to bequeathing our Boulder Shambhala legacy to the future. Can every member consider the value of having a Boulder Shambhala Center three generations from now and whether a $1 a day is affordable to them? $1 a day is the cost of the Daily Camera subscription and far less than a cafe latte; it is highly doable for many without undue hardship.      
In fact, a sangha member wrote this to us, “If you check your recent donations you will find a donation for $366 (it’s a leap year), and I am here to tell it not only DID NOT HURT, it actually felt good.”
Please click here to join the Dollar a Day for Dharma Society and click the option for “Recurring Monthly Donation” option and the $30.50 price point. Please put “Dollar a Day for Dharma Society” in the comments.