Kagyü/Nyingma Advanced

The Four Limitless Ones: A Year of Deepening in Compassion Part I

November 5th—December 3rd

Open to all! The Shambhala acharyas have offered to lead the community in a year long series of talks, contemplative and meditation practices from the Buddhist Mahayana teachings of our lineage. Continue »

The Bardos in Everyday Life

with Andrew Holecek

November 5th—December 3rd

For the awakened ones, death is an illusion, and this course will lead you to that awakening. Continue »

Ashe Mahamudra Intensive

with Acharya Dan Hessey

November 15th—November 17th

For Vajrayana students of the Vidyadhara Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, this program brings together the teachings of the four yogas of Mahamudra with the Shambhala principles of the four dignities. Continue »

Holiday Practice Intensive

with Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

December 26th—December 31st

This is a great opportunity to deepen your practice in a relaxed, urban, residential setting. We are offering Shamatha and Vajrayana tracks. Continue »