Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Kalapa Ikebana Spring Workshop, for Beginning & Continuing Students

with Sensei, Alexandra Shenpen

March 29th - Date postponed or cancelled

Basic goodness is like a flower arrangement, which has its own contrast and its own togetherness. It is completely together, at the same time both inviting and fearless. Continue »

Traditional Daoist Qigong: Level 4

with Acharya Dale Asrael

April 11th—April 12th

Qigong is designed to cultivate strength of body and calmness of mind through Taoist practices that integrate movement, breath, and qi or internal energy to promote health and longevity. Continue »

Ashe Society

May 21st

Calling all Warrior Assembly graduates to our quarterly meeting of the Ashe Society. *This program has prerequisites* Continue »

Ashe Society

August 22nd

Ashe Society

November 21st