Buddhist Studies

Immeasurable Wisdom: A Mahayana City Retreat

with Michelle De Raismes, Roland Cohen, Rose Sposito, Lynele Jones

June 16th—June 22nd

It can be rare to have an opportunity to gather in the simplicity of meditation practice. Continue »

Mahayana Month Talk Series

with Lainie Logan, Patricia Kelly, Lynele Jones, Roland Cohen

June 17th—June 21st

Join us for this five talk series on the Mahayana! Continue »

Walking the Bodhisattva Path

with Melanie Klein & Shastri Denise Wuensch

June 19th—July 17th

This five-class course with one morning practice intensive is based on the profound teachings of the Buddha, Najarjuna, Asanga, and the lineage teachings of Shambhala. Continue »

White Tara Practice Group

with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

July 6th

The White Tara practice group meets the first Saturday of each month. White Tara is particularly relied upon in times of domestic and community turmoil and disharmony, and when personal or family health is threatened. Continue »

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Shambhala and World Peace

July 17th

The legend and power of Shambhala and its connection to the Kalachakra teachings are not only of interest to members of Shambhala Centers. Khentrul Rinpoche is a non-sectarian Tibetan Buddhist master who has dedicated his Continue »

Transcendent Intelligence: Helping the World through Meditative Insight with Changling Rinpoche

July 29th

Join us for this special public talk where Changling Rinpoche will present Prajnaparamita teachings! Continue »

The Future is Open

with Carolyn Gimian

November 22nd—November 24th

Chogyam Trungpa challenges both popular and fundamental misconceptions in our understanding of the Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth, sharing a view of the Buddhist path and the practice of meditation that can actually help people to wake up. Continue »