Open Movement Collective

with Hannah Kinderlehrer & Richard Merrill

February 13th—March 27th

It's your birthright to feel good in your body. Join Rick Merrill, Hannah Kinderlehrer and senior movement teachers in the new year for our first Open Movement Collective ... Continue »

Monday Night Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

February 18th—May 6th

A community event for Shambhala members and newcomers—please invite your friends! Continue »

Dharmic Warriors

February 22nd—November 15th

Teens! Join our biweekly gathering for socializing and mindfulness. Being a teen can be rough, especially in these challenging and confusing times... Continue »

Family Meditation and Meal Get Together

February 28th—May 30th

Have you wondered if you'll ever have time to meditate being a parent? Have you wanted to expose your children to meditation but can't find the proper setting? Let's support each other! We'll get together and sit. Continue »

Ringing the Gong for Earth

March 11th

Together with other local churches and spiritual groups, we are ringing our bells/drums/gongs/shofar on the 11th day of each month at 11am. We are in the 11th hour of an urgent need for action! Continue »

Spring Arts Day

March 31st

Discover meditative arts with demonstrations and hands-on classes at the Boulder Shambhala Center! Continue »