Scorpion Seal Immersion: Week 2

March 13th—August 14th

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Room: Online Program

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The view of the Scorpion Seal Dharma, the essential life work of both Sakyongs, has been given to us through great efforts, teacher and students alike. To make use of our inheritance, to realize its wisdom, to open to a sacred world of primordial purity, is within our reach.

The Kongma Sakyong II has said: ”Traditionally one takes time and reviews and deepens. For example within Tibetan Buddhism there are systems where you have to minimally do all the teachings at least three times, if you don’t do the whole cycle three times you don’t really understand or it doesn’t penetrate. There are even some systems that say you have to do it ten times.”

Knowing we need to go deeper to understand this timeless wisdom, we are continuing our study, practice, and playing environment. To help ourselves and each other to deepen in the profound Scorpion Seal Dharma, we are re-visiting the stages of the Scorpion Seal path, like “combing our hair” as the Dorje Dradul stated it. The starting structure is set out here, but is open to evolve into what works for each of us who want to meet the world as it is.

We want to practice and study together and share our understanding not necessarily in a formal teaching situation but more peer to peer. Various levels of practice can happen at the same time. We’ll start together, have breakouts in different rooms if practices and study cannot be shared, then come back together to study and close.

For each level of Scorpion Seal practice, continuing with Scorpion Seal 5 in March 2021, we will have two all-day Saturday practice sessions, with weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings in between. All practitioners who have met the prerequisites are welcomed to attend as much of the sessions as they are able. The weeknight classes will be primarily focused on deep reading of the Scorpion Seal texts.

The Scorpion Seal V section, for example, is not only for people who have only completed Scorpion Seal V. It is for all Scorpion Seal practitioners to go back and do a deep dive into the material presented at each level one is authorized for.

This is the schedule of what the Saturday practice intensives look like:

8:30 Shrine Setup
9:00 Opening of Shrine and first session
10:30 break
11:00 Second session
12:30 lunch, together if in the building, discussion during lunch 2:00 Deep reading
3:30 Tea
4:00 Third session and closing of shrine
5:30 Clean up/dinner
6:30 timed session for people who want to practice more
8:00 end

This is the schedule for the next three levels of Scorpion Seal, Week Two:

Scorpion Seal V

Saturdays: March 13th & April 10th
Tuesday evenings: March 16th-April 13th

Scorpion Seal VI

Saturdays: May 8th & June 12th
Tuesday evenings: May 11th – June 8th

Scorpion Seal VII

Saturdays: July 10th & August 14th
Tuesday evenings: July 13th –August 10th

The suggested donation for the Saturday intensives will be $20, and the Tuesday evening suggested donation is $5-$10. You can make your donation at the time of the class for only the sessions you attend or pay for the whole series when you register.

This offering will take place whether we are able to meet at the center or not and will take place over Zoom if we are not able to meet at the center. The Tuesday evening meetings will take place via Zoom whether the center is open or not—or at least have the option to connect via Zoom even if people do meet at the center.

This class was organized by Chris Stockinger. Please contact Chris at [email protected] with any questions or to volunteer to help.

***Please register if you are interested in this offering so you will be included in communications and to receive the Zoom link.***