Kalapa Ikebana: A Contemplative Art/Way of Flowers

with Sensei, Alexandra Shenpen

November 16th

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  • $95 Full Price
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  • $60 Subsidized
  • ($20.00 Material Fee included in each price.)
Room: Shambhala Training Hall

"Basic goodness is like a flower arrangement, which has its own contrast and its own togetherness. It is completely together, at the same time both inviting and fearless."

~ from "True Perception" by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Ikebana teaches us that everyone has the instinct, gentleness and courage of artistic talent. Skill develops with curiosity, receptivity, guidance from a trained instructor... and practice.

Hana-kokoro (flower heart/mind) re-awakens the inherent life in humans and nature.

Learn basic patterns of harmony joining heaven, earth and humanity. Through attentiveness to branches, flowers and greenery in open bowls of water, we see our state of mind reflected in the creative process, and awaken to the elegance of the seasons.

Please bring along a bucket to place your fresh materials in during workshop, and to take them home in. Extra clippers/kenzans are welcome.

Alexandra Shenpen, PhD, Sensei, has devoted a great part of the last 25 years to the study of Ikebana/kado through Kalapa Ikebana and the Sogetsu School of Japan. A senior adjunct professor, she has taught extensively for over 20 years at Naropa University, meditation centers and public venues locally and abroad. A meditation, maitri space awareness, dharma and Shambhala art teacher, mentor, psychotherapist, and coach in private practice. She is also is a master teacher (Riji) through Sogetsu Ryu in Tokyo, a distinction born of the love of learning. A deep passion for the way of the brush, the flower, cha (tea) and meditation inform her life and work with people near and far, bringing forth the unconditional beauty of being human.