Unconditional Goodness: The Warriors Practice of Peace A 24-Hour Sit-A-Thon

October 26th—October 27th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

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    Unconditional Goodness: The Warriors Practice of Peace
    A 24-Hour Sit-A-Thon

    Equal parts fundraiser and community-builder—join the good cause that is good for you!

    24-hour sitting begins at noon on Saturday, October 26th.

    BSC’s 3rd annual 24-hour Sit-A-Thon is upon us! Whether you’re new to meditation or an advanced practitioner, please show your support by joining us––for one hour, 12 hours, or all 24!––and deepen your practice, enjoy community, and benefit from six short talks by senior Shambhala teachers. Warm meals, snacks, and napping spots all included! What’s more, the archival vault opens after midnight, so, for you night owls, we will watch footage of some of the first Buddhist and Shambhala teachings ever offered in the West!

    You didn’t know that meditating was a team sport?
    At the Sit-A-Thon a little healthy competition can be fun! Find your favorite local Boulder or Shambhala Center group, or create your own group by registering with friends, colleagues, or your local yoga studio buddies. And rest assured, prizes will be awarded! Not into team sports? Don’t worry, individuals are welcome too.

    Register for the Sit-A-Thon Here

    This event encourages participation from practitioners of all levels. Are you brand new? We’ll have meditation instructors on hand. Are you an old hand? We’ll have spaces provided for your advanced practices and Acharya talks to deepen your experience. Come one, come all! And please take a moment to share this great event with your networks via social media! Thank you!

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