Traditional Daoist Qigong: Level 4

with Acharya Dale Asrael

April 11th—April 12th

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  • $200 Full Price
  • $250 Sponsor
Room: Main Shrine Room

Taoist Qigong Level 4 weekend begins with a talk on the Taoist Path of the Dual Cultivation of Body and Mind - The Union of Xiantianwujimen, Yiquan, and Wudang Shan Lineages.

The text for the class is “Holding Yin, Embracing Yang”, translated by Eva Wong.

Students will learn:

  1. The Tiger and Dragon postures from the Wudang Shan lineage of Five Internal Animals Training (tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, and crane forms). The Tiger form builds bone strength, and the Dragon form trains the union of spirit and body. In addition, by immersing themselves in the spirit of these animals, participants will eventually come to embody the patience of the crouching tiger stalking its prey and the playfulness of the dragon frolicking in the sky.
  2. Part 2 of the Immortals' Guide to Self-massage and Breath regulation. This system combines self-massage and breath control to facilitate the conservation and circulation of internal energy. 
  3. Part 2 of Chen Xiyi's (Xiantianwujimen) Red Phoenix Calisthenics System. This system combines tendon-changing, calisthenics, self-massage, and breath regulation. 
  4. The last two postures of Yiquan Zhangzhuan (Standing Qigong).


Please Note: Level 4 is open to anyone who has already completed Qigong Level III with Eva Wong or one of her appointed instructors.  Dr. Wong has authorized Sophie Léger to teach Qigong Level IV. This is a rare opportunity to learn and practice Level IV outside of a land center.

Please note that students should not teach any form of Xiantianwujimen or Yiquan Qigong without permission from the Lineage.

About Taoist Qigong

Qigong cultivates strength of body and calmness of mind through Taoist practices —integrating movement, breath, and internal energy to promote health and longevity. Students will be introduced to traditional Outer and Inner Qigong from two traditional qigong systems—The Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and the Yiquan School. Neither system has previously been taught outside of China or Hong Kong. Xiantianwujimen was founded in the Song dynasty (circa 10th to 12th centuries) by Taoist sage Chen Xiyi, who is recognized as "the father of qigong." The Yiquan School was founded by Wang Xiangzhai in the early 20th century. Yiquan is best known for its standing qigong postures called Zhangzhuan.