Avalokiteshvara Feast

April 6th

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  • $20 Full Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Please join us to commemorate the parinirvana of Chögyam Trungpa with this special feast from the Vidyadhara’s terma. If you have not received the lung (empowerment) for this practice, you may receive it from Lynele Jones at Marpa House on Tuesday, April 2nd, 7:15–8:45pm. The prerequisite for the lung is any of the following: Vajradhatu Seminary, Vajrayana Seminary, or Sacred World Assembly.

Please bring a story or poem or short teaching from the Vidyadhara that inspires you. Bring your own Avalokiteshvara text if you have one. Copies of the text will also be available. Vajrayogini sadhakas are invited to bring practice implements.

About This Avalokiteshvara Feast Practice
When Trungpa was a teenager participating in a ganachakra at Kyere Shelkar, Ekajati appeared and gave him a treasure container containing a small blue scroll with nine letters in red dakini script. This "Sadhana of Nonmeditation" of Avalokitesvara is one of several terma that emerged when the Vidyadhara later decoded the script on retreat. His nephew Karma Senge Rinpoche compiled it into a feast practice along with other terma and writings of the Vidyadhara. Karma Senge Rinpoche conferred the abhisheka for this feast practice during his last visit to Canada in 2007. Unfortunately, Karma Senge Rinpoche was unable to travel to the U.S. at that time, and has not been able to leave China since then.

There are a few students in Boulder who received this abhisheka in Canada. Additional tantrikas who have received the lung are allowed to participate in group practice along with students who received the abhisheka. The only prerequisite for receiving the lung is that one has completed Vajradhatu Seminary, Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly. Individual practice of this sadhana at home requires, however, that you have received the full abhisheka. Therefore, receiving this lung does NOT involve individual practice commitments—just the opportunity to join the potent group practices, which are offered in Boulder about 8 times a year, and the opportunity to purchase the text, which you can study on your own at home.