Umdze/Timekeeper Training

with Roland Cohen

March 17th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    An umdze provides structure, guidance, and leadership in meditation sessions and programs. The umdze keeps track of time for sitting and walking meditation and any breaks for yoga, exercise, or meals. This person also serves as an example of the forms used in sitting and walking meditation.

    In this training, we will go over all the forms an umdze practices at BSC. This training is hands-on, including how to relate with shrine rooms, shrines, incense, gongs, leading chants, offering tea, and pronouncing Sanskrit terms. There will also be some instruction in drumming, and we will touch on special practices and authorizations for leading them.

    Please bring a copy of the daily chants, pencil, pen and paper. 

    Prerequisite: you are either a member of the Shambhala Center or have completed Shambhala Training III. If you have a special request to attend, please contact Roland Cohen or the BSC Office of Practice and Education at [email protected]

    No charge.