Milarepa Book Study Group

December 10th—December 17th (2018)

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    Join us four Monday evenings to study Milarepa: Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet’s Greatest Yogi, by Chögyam Trungpa. This book arises from Trungpa’s original talks on the teacher-student relationship, graphically portraying the relationships between Marpa and Mila, and Mila with all of his students: scholars, dakinis, demons, disciples, and many other personalities.

    “Understanding the teaching relationship as in Marpa and Mila’s relationship is the basis for understanding the entire path,” Trungpa writes. Explore the projections and expectations students bring to the spiritual path and discover how Milarepa finally cut the root of fear and doubt. Excerpts of Mila's songs and Trunpga’s commentaries show how, through sitting practice, “seeing our own state of mind is the self-born wisdom needed to free oneself.”

    This book provides a timely and relevant structure for understanding our relationship to a teacher, with chapter titles such as “Disillusionment, Renunciation, and the Search for a Teacher,” “Destroying Materialism,” and “Exposing Ego’s Dirty Trick.” Check out these chapters to see if these teachings resonate! How do they apply to the questions we face on our paths at this time?  

    We look forward to studying this provocative, authoritative, transformative book together. It is a wonderful inspiration for meditation practice. We will read chapters and discuss them over the four-week period and listen to short, excerpted recordings of Trungpa giving the original talks.   

    Eileen Malloy and Marybeth Keigher are hosting this group. A $5–10 donation is suggested to support the Center. 

    Requirements: Bring your copy of the book.