Beginning Kalapa Ikebana: Way of Flowers–Part Two of Intro Series

with Alexandra Shenpen

May 2nd—May 30th (2018)

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  • $120 Full Price

"Basic goodness is like a flower arrangement, which has its own contrast and its own togetherness. It is completely together, at the same time both exciting and fearless."
~From "True Perception" by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Beginning Kalapa Ikebana: Way of Flowers
Part Two of Introductory Series
 for continuing beginning students 

with Alexandra Shenpen Sensei May 2-30 

The contemplative art of flowers, ikebana or kado (the way of the flower), inspires us to pause and appreciate the immediacy of the seasons and our own state of mind.   Traditional, expressive and deeply human, our instincts pull us toward presence in nature. Awakening our senses through arranging branches, flowers, water & space, with each stem we express a harmonious, fresh world. Through exploring this fathomless, disarmingly simple yet sophisticated art, we can settle down and uplift ourselves and others. Discover, deepen or rediscover your feeling for O-hana/flowers.  Everyone welcome, new or with experience.

- fresh materials provided, please bring small bucket and clippers
- container and kenzan provided (included in tuition)


Wednesdays 6:30-9pm
May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
$120 includes materials

Please pre-register to have a place, and so we know the total # of participants and amount of materials to gather.