Storytelling with Odds Bodkin/Living Beyond Hope and Fear

with Odds Bodkin

September 16th (2017)

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This program is part of our 2nd Annual Climate Change symposium: "Living Beyond Hope and Fear: Warrior Principle, Climate Action". It is open to all–those attending other portions of the symposium or as a stand alone event. Please join us for this special opportunity.


StoryScience: An Ancient Myth Meets Modern Science
How do our faith traditions impact our willingness to embrace science? To explore this question, after a light-hearted tale performed with Celtic harp, Master Storyteller and Musician Odds Bodkin presents Fall of the Titans: Gaia’s Story, the epic tale of Gaia, first Titan of the ancient Greeks, her Titan children, Earth’s creation and the eventual overthrow of the Titans by Zeus and Gaia’s Olympian grandchildren. Based on Hesiod’s Theogony (Birth of the Gods) set down in 700 B.C., this elegant Greek eco-myth about Earth’s origins is performed with a 12-string guitar score, character voices and vocal effects. It tells the tale of how pre-scientific humans sought to understand life and the Earth through anthropomorphic story. To contrast mythic understanding with the new story science tells us about ourselves, Mr. Bodkin next narrates a multi-media presentation with images and videos that delves into Earth’s bio-history, geology and atmospheric/oceanic circulations over time, especially during the Holocene. Also explored will be how man-made effluents are closing off Earth’s heat-release systems, forcing climatic perturbations that human civilizations—much less mass civilizations—have never witnessed before, but are now. He ends with the question: “Do we humans need a fresh animating myth to believe in––one informed by scientific knowledge? And if that’s so, how do we become good enough science storytellers to create and share it?”


Hailed as “a consummate storyteller” by the New York Times, Odds Bodkin is a proponent of bardic storytelling, a spoken-word art form that combines narration, character voices, and acoustic scores, all performed live. In his work, Odds attempts to create cinematic listening experiences for imaginers. Using only twelve-string guitars, Celtic harp, and folk instruments without electronic effects, he transforms his voice into those of heroes, giants, villains, and animals while playing live music, all to create vivid, cinematic soundscapes. He creates realistic effects with his voice--water droplets, wind, galloping hoofs, crashing waves––adding naturalistic imagery to his tales.

Odds is a published children’s-book author and award-winning recording artist. He has performed at the White House, Lincoln Center, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and has been a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival. His recordings and books have won Parents’ Choice, Indie, Golden Headset, Storytelling World, Pick of the Lists, Editors’ Choice, and Dove awards.  Find out more about him at his website: