Monday Night Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

September 25th—December 18th

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    Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

    A community event for both the Boulder Shambhala Center community and new-comers (please invite your friends!), each week features a Shambhala teacher leading discussion on contemporary topics of concern and inspiration. Meditation practice (and instruction) and a fun community reception will bookend the evening.

    Come engage, practice and mingle–a perfect way to start your week! Join us Mondays from 7-9pm for this free, drop-in program.


    9/25 - Kathleen Franco & Eve Halpern

    10/2 - Coleman Zeigan

    10/9 - Jane Condon

    10/16 - Steve Vosper

    10/23 - Joe Mauricio

    10/30 - Shastri Janet Solyntjes & Quentin Finney

    11/6 - Shastri Angelika Berhoozo


    Monday, September 25
    7-9pm, Free
    The Transformative Power of Genuineness to Resolve Conflict
    Kathleen Franco & Eve Halpern
    In this conversation, join Eve Halpern, a psychotherapist and Kathleen Franco, a transformative mediator, to explore genuineness as a basis for working through conflict. In a world where most people avoid conflict or become adversarial and estranged from others as divergent views or strong emotions arise, can we trust that there is an organizing principle that can be employed to transform not only the conflict but everyone involved with it?  

    In this evening of conversation, we’ll explore how…
    All of us learn through challenge and how challenge transforms us.
    What environments support transformation allowing magic to happen? 
    What are the dynamics at play between two people and how can we use those energies to transform conflict into wisdom?  
    How resonant agreements between two people can be the basis for transforming “us and them” habits in our larger society.

    About the teachers:
    Kathleen Franco is a reformed trial lawyer with 35 years’ experience trying numerous high profile personal injury, corporate, criminal and divorce cases. She has a law degree and MBA from the University of Denver. Kathleen tried the first civil incest case in the US to a Jury ($2.3Mil verdict), appearing on ABC’s 20/20 and a movie was produced from the trial transcripts called, The Ultimate Betrayal. Representative Patricia Schroeder changed the statute of limitations In Colorado and made State and Federal pension plans attachable in such cases. Kathleen moved to Boulder after traveling to India in 1995, began meditating at the Boulder Shambhala Center, and has been a Shambhalian ever since. She now has a private mediation and collaborative law practice in Boulder.

    Eve Halpern is life-long buddhist practitioner, a High School counselor/teacher, and a psychotherapist. Raised in the Shambhala community by parents who were students of Trungpa Rinpoche, she is one of those American born Buddhists fondly referred to as a "dharma brat".  She has dedicated her service energy to running Shambhala Sun Summer Camps, which are leadership camps for 10-16 year olds. Eve is a Sergeant in the Dorje Kasung and especially loves training young people. Eve also co-directed Casa Werma in Mexico for several years, and loves to return for visits with her daughter who was born there. As a therapist, she is most skilled working with adolescents, gender and sexuality, and anyone seeking a mindfulness based approach.