Monday Night Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

April 30th—December 31st

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    Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

    A community event for both the Boulder Shambhala Center community and new-comers (please invite your friends!), each week features a Shambhala teacher leading discussion on contemporary topics of concern and inspiration. Meditation practice (and instruction) and a fun community reception will bookend the evening.

    Come engage, practice and mingle–a perfect way to start your week! Join us Mondays from 7-9pm for this free, drop-in program.

    April 30 - Coleman Zeigan

    May 7 - Jon Barbieri and Quentin Finney

    May 14 - Joseph Mauricio
                  7-9pm, Free
                  Awake and Sing! The Waking Warrior’s Song
    Compassionate action can be seen as the practical application of kindness and courage. Yet, compassion begins in our personal heart, mind and body. This class will look at how opening the body allows us to release the tension of impacted trauma into songs of liberation. Part 2 of our exploration of Bodhisattva activity in modern times will include meditation instruction, an interactive lecture, as well as creativity and compassion building exercises. 

    About the teacher:
    Joseph Mauricio is an author, actor and teacher in the Shambhala Tradition. He is the founder of LIFEWORK Applied Mindfulness Coaching where he works with individuals and groups to develop an organic and sustainable approach to integrated and intentional living.​ ​Joseph has taught in meditation studios, monasteries and centers as well as schools, businesses, correctional facilities and night clubs.


    May 21 - Shastri Angelika Berhooz


    June 25 - Susan Piver