Monday Night Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

June 25th—December 31st

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    A community event for Shambhala members and newcomers—please invite your friends! Each week, a Shambhala teacher leads a discussion on a contemporary topic of concern and inspiration. Includes meditation instruction, meditation practice, and a social reception. Come engage, practice and mingle—a perfect way to start the week! Every Monday from 7-9pm, drop-in and free.

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    June 25: Rose Sposito
    Healing Ourselves, Healing the Collective: The Power and Gentleness of Kindness

    Our internal and external worlds can feel overwhelming at times, like huge waves knocking us down. Tonight's discussion and exploration will be around how the power of kindness generates greater strength, clarity and openness of heart to heal personally and collectively.

    About the teacher:
    Rose Sposito is a Five Element acupuncturist and Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. She is a certified teacher and practitioner of the Focusing Method as taught by Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell, with a practice here in Boulder. She is a meditation instructor and Shambhala Training director. She has been a practitioner of Buddhism and Shambhala since 1976.

    July 2: Joseph Mauricio
    Entering the Present: Being Where, When?

    We talk about being here now—but what does that actually mean? We may assume that bringing the mind into the present is all it takes. But each time we return to the now, that moment is lost by the next breath. Entering the present is actually an integrated experience—including our body, spirit, and life, as well as our mental experience. 

    Distraction is a habit of ignoring the present in favor of an imagined better place. The secret of breaking a habit is to de-fuse it from its environment. The habit of mental distraction thrives on bodily tension and spiritual unease. We become disconnected as our lives disassociate more and more from reality. The weight of unfinished business—from taxes to laundry—makes this “now” unmanageable and an unattractive place to actually be.

    Sakyong Mipham has said that bringing the mind back to the present, without attention to body, life and spirit, is like asking drunks to leave a party but leaving the back door open and booze on the table. They’ll just wander back to the same old party.

    Tonight we will learn how to disconnect this pattern from its support. With a comprehensive meditation practice that encompasses our entire experience, we find that now can be a very rich place indeed.

    About the teacher:
    Joseph Mauricio is an author, actor and teacher in the Shambhala tradition. He is the founder of LIFEWORK Applied Mindfulness Coaching, where he works with individuals and groups to develop an organic and sustainable approach to integrated and intentional living.​ ​Joseph has taught in meditation studios, monasteries, and centers as well as schools, businesses, correctional facilities, and night clubs.

    July 9: David Rome & Travis Newbill
    Poetry as Wakeful Communication

    The practices of reading and writing poetry can be enriching aspects of our path of awakening—whether or not we consider ourselves "poets." In this evening gathering, we'll explore how poetry may allow us to know ourselves, each other, and our world more deeply. Together, we'll consider ideas on poetry from the Shambhala tradition, engage in mindful listening and writing exercises, and share our work in a supportive environment (only if we're inspired to!).

    About the teachers:
    David I. Rome is the author of Your Body Knows the Answer: Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity (Shambhala Publications, 2014). In the 1970s and 80s, David studied Buddhism with Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, whom he served as private secretary for many years. He has been a senior teacher and teacher trainer in the Shambhala community.

    Travis Newbill is an MFA student in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, and a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He's recently served as Associate Editor for Bombay Gin literary journal. He resides in Boulder with his partner Heather.