Growing Brave: Families and Children in Shambhala

June 3rd—August 5th

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  • $10 Sustaining
  • $15 Sponsor
​Growing Brave: Families and Children in Shambhala
Shambhala Online Series
Saturdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Boulder Shambhala Center: Community Room

Please join us the Saturday after next at the Boulder Shambhala Center to watch the online presentation Acharya Lobel gave as the first talk of the Shambhala Online Series, Growing Brave.  The talked aired live last Saturday while many of us were still in the throws of Shambhala Day week

Bring your children, child care will be provided.  We will be watching and discussing in the Community Room.  We will likely close the the dividing wall part way so that the children are near should they need their parents.  Snacks will be provided. $10-$15 suggested donation.

We will watch the talks together live as they are scheduled on Shambhala Online.  Please join us!


  • March 18 - The View with Kalapa Acharaya Adam Lobel
  • April 1 - What is Offered Now with Tracy Suchocki
  • May 6 - Starting a Program with Laura Burnham
  • June 3 - Parenting as Path with Acharya David Schneider
  • July 1 - Education of a Warrior with Steve Sachs
  • August 5 - Shambhala Household - presenter to be announced

Then JOIN US for the

Boulder Shambhala Center (BSC) Onsite Conference:

October 6-9, 2017

We will open registration for this conference as soon as we work out the final details. Until then–read more about it below and save the dates!

Children and families are an integral part of Shambhala and an integral part of creating Enlightened Society. 

This conference is for educators, community organizers, leadership, parents and grandparents interested in how Shambhala raises and educates warriors from birth, through the many milestones along the path of awakening the genuine heart of warriorship.

Our children are inheriting challenges of a proportion that many of us cannot yet conceive. And their minds are still developing. What is and will be most useful? How can we support them now and prepare them? How are they meeting themselves at every age? How are we meeting them? How and when do we become warriors? How can families use the resources inherent in their nuclear bonds to connect with the Shambhala teachings.

In order to support and enliven what Shambhala as a whole has to offer families and children, we will come together as a community to share resources, discuss our vision, connect with others and create trainings and paths of curriculum.

Click here for the program page.