Shambhala Gala at BMoCA!

March 4th

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  • $39 Full Price
  • $75 Sponsor
  • $25 BSC Member
Program Registration is Closed.
What could be a better way to kick off the New Year than...

7pm- Appetizers served in the Exhibits Hall, and a wide variety of drinks on offer at the cash bar
8pm-Truth Be Told STORY SLAM
Hosted by Nina Rolle and Johanna Walker, with Musical Guests.
Got a Story to tell? Of course you do!
Bring your best story on the Theme: "Coconuts of Wakefulness":
*see below for rules and hints

And then, bring your dancing shoes (or socks) for an exciting blend of funk, latin, afro-beat​ and disco

Register here, pick your price: $25, $39, $75. Those who can offer more make it possible for others to join in for less. Please be generous! Sponsor price comes with two free drinks!
How the story slam works:
"We give you the theme, you bring a story.
Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart."
Polish up your best “Coconuts of Wakefulness” story and put your name in the hat! We will choose up to 10 lucky Sangha Raconteurs to come to the stage and share their story. Stories can be funny, poignant, thrilling or adorable, but they must be YOUR story and they must be TRUE. (and yes, having a bad memory counts as ‘true’ !)
Here are a few story prompts to get you digging for your story:
Did you ever take a beach vacation that didn’t turn out quite as serenely as planned?
Did you ever get smacked in the face by reality?
Did you have an a-ha moment after smashing your car?
Or receive some sobering news while smashed at the bar?
Do you like piña coladas?
Is there a good reason you’re nobody's role model?
Did you jolt to attention after falling asleep at the switch?
did you embarrass yourself while serving the Dorje Dradul?
Did you ever get hit by a wild pitch?
Did a calamity remind you to appreciate being alive?
Did you get pelted with baseball-sized hail when Penor Rinpoche arrived?
Have you got a lovely bunch of coconuts?

BMoCA the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is located at 1750 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302. Click here to visit BMoCA's website.