Living Beyond Hope and Fear: Social Confidence and Climate Change

with Acharya Adam Lobel & Meg Wheatley

August 12th—August 14th (2016)

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Living Beyond Hope and Fear:
Social Confidence and Climate change
Complete seminar Friday-Sunday


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Please join us at this groundbreaking climate change symposium - as much about how to promote sanity at a time of great change, as engaging with change itself.  This forum provides an opportunity for activists, scientists, artists and others to explore how human fortitude, ingenuity and insight can create life-sustaining communities.

The destructive trajectory of global warming will change the world as we know it.  How should we respond? Hoping the tide will turn and exhausting ourselves in the process? Hiding in fear of our powerlessness?  How can we meet this challenge and create a worthy future for ourselves and our families? 

From the perspective of the symposium’s main presenters, our activity can be potent and of true service when arising from a heart of genuine confidence beyond hope and fear.

Through dialogues, teachings, meditation, and breakout sessions with local leaders from Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, Boulder City’s Environmental Planning Group, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Earth Guardians and more, we will rouse our confidence by looking at the intimate and knotted relationship between our hope and fear around ecological violence. Through guided nature walks and shared refreshment we will open to the beauty and sustenance of the natural world, remembering that we are not alone in our longing for wholeness and connection.

Our main speakers are Meg Wheatley, author and systems thinker, and Acharya Adam Lobel, Shambhala teacher and eco-warrior.  Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith will lead an interfaith panel discussing how the experience of hope and fear impacts effective action.  There is also an opportunity to attend a tribute piano concert to esteemed climate scientist, Charles David Keeling, by his daughter, pianist, Emily Takahashi.

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