“For the Love of Wisdom” Fundraising Campaign

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The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

~ Eden Phillpotts


Dear Boulder Shambhala Community,

Love of Wisdom, this is what Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche said ‘keeps me going.’ Today, I stopped for a moment and thought about the Vidyadhara and the nearly inconceivable reality that like so many Tibetans, this gentleman, root guru to many of us, walked over the Himalayas freezing, starving, eating shoes, being stalked, chased, and shot at by the Chinese army, watching most of his party die along the many months arduous journey, and then lived in a refugee camp in India making his way to the West in order to bring to us, who mostly have known great privilege, the exquisite pure essence of the Buddha and Shambhala Dharma. Not satisfied with just that, he took great care to make sure he endowed us with the brilliant mind and extraordinary exertion of his son, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, so that we would be able to savor and cherish the unfolding of the Shambhala Terma and begin to understand the vision and foundations of enlightened society. With all that

he endured, then facing the wildness of Western mind astonishingly he maintained the aspiration that together as a community, WE, the students of Shambhala, would be able to help establish the Buddhist and Shambhalian principles of peace, compassion, and basic goodness throughout the human world.

Come to think of it, isn’t it the love of wisdom that keeps all of us going in Shambhala, our hearts broken open, so tentatively and tenderly, knowing there is no other way for human beings? We long for the teachings that proclaim the intrinsic Basic Goodness, or Buddhanature, of all beings and for the profundity of building a society based upon the principles of kindness and compassion to take firm hold in our world, let alone in our community. Continuously we search for the way to establish these fundamental principles of humanity, kindness, and compassion far and wide, while we ache with heartbreak at the state of the world around us. What keeps us going?

It is For the Love of Wisdom, and with our deep understanding that our Boulder Shambhala Community yearns to radiate health and kindness, the Shambhala and Buddha Dharmas, and the beautiful potential of humanity across the world, that at this time we joyfully reach out to one another, to you our community, and launch our Boulder Shambhala Center 2020 Fall Fundraising Campaign: For the Love of Wisdom.

Your Center staff has experienced enormous delight with one another in creating some new, fun ways for you all to support our Boulder Shambhala Sangha in our continually deepening and never ending mutual endeavors to establish a society rooted in wisdom and compassion. Replete with perks, benefits, and upcoming events that celebrate who we are, we have been both refreshed and exhilarated by this. All of us supporting our community together in our mutual love of our teachings is an act of great joy and celebration!

The Autumn Equinox tells us it is time to Harvest Peace, to reflect upon and celebrate the abundance and fortune of our position in society and the immeasurable wealth of the manifold, singular teachings we’ve been asked to hold, practice, and pass on. We all are refreshed and uplifted when we come together in support of our community; may this be a source of both pride and poignancy, celebration and great joy for all of us. With deepest respect and humility, we ask for your support. Let’s do this thing!

Our goal For the Love of Wisdom this fall is $75,000. Please read on for a thumbnail sketch of what your donations support and for new ways to give, including time capsules, texts, tote bags, and bowling balls!

With great love for our Sakyongs, the incalculable gifts they’ve given and continue to give to us, and for our community, which our teachers have toiled and borne great hardships to establish; as a wise man once said, “it’s up to us.”

May all beings be free from suffering,

Jessie Friedman (she, her, hers) Executive Director Boulder Shambhala Center 9/15/2020

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There are many ways to support the Boulder Shambhala Center and Our sustainability into the future!

Introducing: The Dollar a Day for Dharma Society

A New Fund Dedicated to keeping the Center going as a gift to coming generations who will live in a time well suited to the spiritual lineages we have been bequeathed, a precious legacy for the future.

Can we dedicate $1 a day above our monthly membership dues to sustaining our Boulder Shambhala Center throughout our lifetime and as a legacy for future generations?

We often don’t miss our water until our well runs dry. This is unfortunate and brings unwelcome results over and over again. Let’s imagine a world without Shambhala; Boulder without the Boulder Shambhala Center; without the Boulder Bookstore; Naropa University or other cherished institutions. This campaign looks forward to a time when our grandchildren and their children have a Boulder Shambhala Center. The reason they have one is that in this very lifetime, we decided to bequeath this gift to the future, and they are grateful.

the View: a glimpse into the future: It is 2075; we still are bringing enlightened society to the world, and the world sees its value. The Boulder Shambhala Center continues to further the vision and reality of a greater enlightened society which thrives on the intrinsic goodness, deep intelligence, and innate kindness of all human beings.

the Path: Boulder Shambhala on $1 a day. This special fund is dedicated to bequeathing our Boulder Shambhala legacy to the future. Can every member consider the value of having a Boulder Shambhala Center three generations from now and whether a $1 a day is affordable to them? Of course we understand this is not doable for some of us. $1 a day is the cost of the Daily Camera subscription and far less than a cafe latte; it is highly doable for many without undue hardship.

In fact, a sangha member wrote this to us,

“If you check your recent donations you will find a donation for $366 (it’s a leap year), and I am here to tell it not only DID NOT HURT, it actually felt good.”

Join the Dollar a Day for Dharma Society HERE!

The For the Love of Wisdom Time Capsule

We will create a time capsule that includes the names of the Dollar a Day for Dharma League, and we will place this capsule in an auspicious location. Every For the Love of Wisdom campaign donor will have the opportunity to write a letter for the future generations that will open the capsule expressing what Shambhala means to them and why we’ve gone to such great lengths to sustain our Boulder Shambhala Center so that future generations will have the access and opportunity to partake of the precious teachings we hold and are responsible for ensuring are passed on in unhindered, undiluted, and untainted fashion. The capsule could be scheduled to be opened in 50 years, and then reinstated for future generations
to open and explore again in another 50 years. Suppose we think about this as safeguarding and leaving a treasure that future generations will know what to
do with; the treasure is Dorje Dzong, our Boulder Shambhala Center, and the Shambhala Terma.

Giving Brings Incredible Benefits including the Accumulation of Virtue!

  • for any level donation, receive your very own Boulder Shambhala center window cling!
  • donate $50 and receive your very own Boulder Shambhala center Pen!
  • donate $75 and receive your very own Boulder Shambhala center face maSK!
  • donate $100 and receive your very own BSc imprinted cotton tote Bag!
  • Join the dollar a day for dharma Society and receive your very own for the love of wisdom umBrella!
  • donate $250 and receive your very own Boulder Shambhala center imprinted aPron!
  • donate $500 and receive your very own BSc imprinted Journal with a pen in a tote bag!
  • donate $1,000 and receive a cynthia moku 8×8 PrInt in a tote bag, or a BSc yoga mat!
  • donate $2,500 and receive a teXt of your choice from Kalapa media!
  • donate $5,000 and receive a BowlIng Ball emblazoned with for the love of wisdom calligraphy and BSc logo
  • donate over $5,000 – the Profound treasury Set (or comparable of your choice)all perks will be imprinted with the beautiful For the love of Wisdom calligraphy, created for the Boulder Shambhala center by superb calligrapher Barbara Bash!

To make a donation, click HERE

Harvest of Peace Fundraising Menu Special!

Please select a dish from the appetizer column and one from the main entrée column (e.g. consider a one-time donation and increasing your monthly dues!) check out the Perks above for your cumulative contribution!


• one time donation: $108
• one time donation amount $_____
• Increase your monthly dues by $5
• Increase your monthly dues by $10
• Increase your monthly dues by _____
• Join the dollar-a-day for dharma Society
• Join the great eastern Sun Society (gifts of $500 or more)


• Join the great eastern Sun Society (gifts of $500 or more) • one time donation amount $_____
• Join the dollar-a-day for dharma Society
• one time donation: $108
• Increase your monthly dues by $10
• Increase your monthly dues by _____
• Increase your monthly dues by $5

Oh, you noticed the Appetizers and Entrées are the same? You’re right! How about considering a short and a long-term donation?

Where does your donation go: Paying it Forward

In general the Boulder Shambhala Center depends upon three primary streams of income for both daily operations and building maintenance: Program Income, Membership Dues, and Donations. Membership dues and donations have steadily declined in the past 3 years. You can read more about the finances of our Center at the Members page on the Boulder Shambhala Center website. Indeed any church or spiritual center operates due to the support of its community, so we humbly ask you to consider this and help us to meet our 2020 fundraising goal of $75,000.

Our monthly operating and maintenance costs have been radically cut in the past three years and are as low as they can possibly be. Still, for many years continuing through 2019, our Center has not brought in sufficient annual revenue to operate in the black and we have had to draw upon lines of credit to make it through the year.

All of us together comprise what we call the Boulder Shambhala Center, and we are reaching out to everyone asking that together, we all help ensure that as a community we can operate without creating more debt, in a manner that is more healthy and sane!

So that you can have a sense of where your contributions go and what it takes to maintain, sustain, and help our practice community to thrive, here are some examples of a variety of basic operating costs for our Boulder Shambhala center:

In addition to staff salaries for 4.5 full-time employees at $18 – $21 per hour: full-time: Center Director; Director of Practice and Dducation; Finance/Building Manager. Part-time: Community and Membership Coordinator; Publicist; Rentals Coordinator

$50 covers the costs of:

  • Incense & lamp oil for the shrines
  • One cleaning of the building
  • Shambhala books to give at level 1


$100 covers the cost of:

  • sponsoring one participant to take Shambhala training
  • one half of a month’s phone bill
  • media for one swamp cooler


$250 covers the cost of:

  • Planting a flag at the center
  • Video doorbell & other security upgrades
  • Two zoom subscriptions for one year


$500 covers the cost of:

  • One dignity Banner for the Shambhala training hall
  • Our BSC google Suite subscription for one year
  • Our BSC Vimeo subscription for one year
  • Half our monthly utilities


$1,200 covers the cost of:

  • A set of assistive listening devices for the main shrine room
  • An acharya to teach a program
  • Routine elevator maintenance for one year


$2,500 covers the cost of:

  • New computers for several staff who use their own


$3000 covers the cost of:

  • One facilitated series of healing conversations
  • Workshops addressing critical topics within our center, within Shambhala, and within the world,
    e.g. implicit bias, inclusivity, structural racism, the proper use of power, non-violent communication—led by skilled trainers, toward building an inclusive, compassionate, sane and healthy society that functions with unconditional respect and kindness for one another


$5000 covers:

  • The monthly mortgage


Generosity is the virtue that produces peace! We appreciate your generosity.

Ways to give:

You can make a monthly and/or one time donation and join the Dollar a Day for Dharma Society HERE.

Please note: If you are not sent to the PayPal page to make your donation, please do persist. Some people have been experiencing technical issues with our website that we haven’t been able to replicate. With persistence, sometimes trying multiple times, one will access the PayPal page.

You may also donate by mailing a check to:

Boulder Shambhala Center | 1345 Spruce St | Boulder, CO 80302

To increase your monthly membership dues click here to send an email to Eileen Malloy, and/or call her at 404.444.0190 x102.

To become a member of Boulder Shambhala, click: boulder.shambhala.org/membership-form

Legacy Gifts

A most meaningful way to ensure the future of our Boulder Shambhala Center for the generations to come. Decide now to add to your legacy and include the Boulder Shambhala Center in the many gifts you leave our world with.
Please talk with Eileen Malloy at [email protected] or 303-444-0190, ext. 102.

Thank you so very much for your support of the Boulder Shambhala Center!

If you have any questions or problems with the online donation or membership form, please contact Eileen Malloy by email at [email protected] or 303-444-0190, ext. 102.

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