Compassion is spacious and very generous.

—Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Founder of the Shambhala Tradition

Our Fall Community Celebration scheduled for December 11, 2021 has been POSTPONED until we can gather safely in person. We still welcome your generosity. Donate here!

Fall Fundraising Letter to the Boulder Shambhala Sangha

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The Dollar a Day for Dharma Society

A Fund Dedicated to keeping the Center going as a gift to coming generations who will live in a time well suited to the spiritual lineages we have been bequeathed, a precious legacy for the future.

Can we dedicate $1 a day above our monthly membership dues to sustaining our Boulder Shambhala Center throughout our lifetime and as a legacy for future generations? This campaign looks forward to a time when our grandchildren and their children have a Boulder Shambhala Center. The reason they have one is that in this very lifetime, we decided to bequeath this gift to the future.

the View:

a glimpse into the future: It is 2075; we still are bringing enlightened society to the world, and the world sees its value. The Boulder Shambhala Center continues to further the vision and reality of a greater enlightened society which thrives on the intrinsic goodness, deep intelligence, and innate kindness of all human beings.

the Path:

Boulder Shambhala on $1 a day. Can every member consider the value of having a Boulder Shambhala Center three generations from now and whether a $1 a day is affordable to them? We understand this is not doable for some practitioners. $1 a day is the cost of the Daily Camera subscription and far less than a cafe latte; it is highly doable for many without undue hardship.

In fact, a sangha member wrote this to us, “If you check your recent donations you will find a donation for $366 (it’s a leap year), and I am here to tell it not only DID NOT HURT, it actually felt good.”

the Fruition: Joy, Dharma, Awakening Society, Great Merit (the cause of fortunate human birth), Deep Satisfaction and Meaning, the Continuity of the Shambhala and Buddha Dharma.

Where does my donation go?

In general the Boulder Shambhala Center depends upon three primary streams of income for both daily operations and building maintenance: Program Income, Membership Dues, and Donations. Membership dues and donations have steadily declined in the past 3 years. You can read more about the finances of our Center at the Members page on the Boulder Shambhala Center website. Indeed any church or spiritual center operates due to the support of its community, so we humbly ask you to consider this and help us to meet our 2020 fundraising goal of $75,000.

Our monthly operating and maintenance costs have been radically cut in the past three years and are as low as they can possibly be. Still, for many years continuing through 2019, our Center has not brought in sufficient annual revenue to operate in the black and we have had to draw upon lines of credit to make it through the year.

All of us together comprise what we call the Boulder Shambhala Center, and we are reaching out to everyone asking that together, we all help ensure that as a community we can operate without creating more debt, in a manner that is more healthy and sane!

So that you can have a sense of where your contributions go and what it takes to maintain, sustain, and help our practice community to thrive, here are some examples of a variety of basic operating costs for our Boulder Shambhala Center:

In addition to staff salaries for 2 full-time employees at $18 – $21 per hour: full-time: Center Director and Director of Practice and Education, BSC staff consists of a part-time Community Care Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Finance Manager, Facilities Manager, and Publicist.

Legacy Gifts

A most meaningful way to ensure the future of our Boulder Shambhala Center for the generations to come. Decide now to add to your legacy and include the Boulder Shambhala Center in the many gifts you leave our world with.