Monday Night Community Gathering: Conversations for Good

A community event for Shambhala members and newcomers—please invite your friends! Each week, a Shambhala teacher leads a discussion on a contemporary topic of concern and inspiration. Includes meditation instruction, meditation practice, and a social reception. Come engage, practice and mingle—a perfect way to start the week! Every Monday from 7-9pm, drop-in and free.

Upcoming Gatherings

May 28: No event due to Memorial Day holiday

June 4: Thomas DeZauche & Shelly Webb
Shifting Sands: Finding a Place to Stand

In Buddhist teachings, we often hear that there is no ground, yet in our day-to-day lives we need some sense of stability and groundedness. Where are the places in our lives that we solidify around our sense of territory? Does it help us to become territorial and entrenched in a sense of “me” and “mine”? What alternatives can we identify that might help us find a sense of ground without increasing our sense of a separate self? Join us for this conversation to explore the ideas of “territory,” “ground,” and “freedom.”

About the teachers:
Thomas “Shonen” DeZauche has been practicing and studying the dharma for 18 years and is committed to an inclusive, non-sectarian presentation of the Buddha’s teachings. He is a practitioner and teacher of Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony. He teaches university level courses in Religious Studies, Contemplative Learning, and Diversity and Inclusivity. Thomas is a co-founder of the Boulder Queer Dharma group.

Shelly Webb is currently a Regimental Commander in the Dorje Kasung, Shambhala’s enlightened military. She has a Master of Divinity from Harvard and is trained as an Imago Relationship Educator.

June 11: Joseph Mauricio

June 18: Kathleen Franco

June 25: Rose Sposito