Announcing BSC’s New Practice and Education Director

Please join the Boulder Shambhala Center staff in welcoming our new Practice and Education Director, Renee Cowan, who will take her seat in this role on February 3rd! Renee has been a Shambhala leader and teacher for over twenty-five years, holding many different roles in several Shambhala centers across the United States in that time. … Continue 

Disruption: A Reflection on the Women’s Circle

  By Emma Fox, leader of the Women’s Circle at BSC Recently, I have been feeling so many things stirred up in my female body. Rage, grief, shame, guilt, painful longing. It feels like each time I come up for air, there at the surface awaits more news about violence against a black or brown … Continue 

Three BSC Satellite Staff Openings

Satellite staff are a core group of volunteers who commit to serve the Boulder Shambhala Center for six months at a time in contracted positions. They work at least four hours a week in roles that are essential to the center’s day-to-day functioning, including cleaning and organizing the building, food shopping, watering plants, and reordering … Continue 

XOL ORIGINAL Four Directions Footwear Line: Upcycled Shoes

By Valentino Romero Hello Diverse Shambhala Family, May we all be splendid in limitless original ways. I have been a part of the Shambhala community since 2005 as a mechanic at SMC. You can imagine how messy and fun that was! From there, given that I was well prepared to live on next to zero … Continue 

Tales of Yesteryear & the Future

By Eileen Malloy, Director of Operations I have been in communication with Paul Kloppenburg, who installed the golden tser togs on the roof back in the old days. 1986 or something like that. So when the contractor and architect for the roof asked me, “How did they get them up there?” I could with a … Continue 

June BSC Building Updates

By Eileen Malloy, Director of Operations The ravens have fledged! The beginning was a bit inauspicious, with one of the fledglings landing on a car hood, where the car’s owner poked at it with a stick. This did not dissuade it from resting on the hood. This was not as bad as last year, when … Continue 

Buddhist Arts and Film Festival

The Buddhist Arts and Film Festival launches July 6–8 at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder. Founded by Boulder residents Laura Weiss and Sarah Poppitz, this kick-off festival is themed “Wisdom Through Art,” with 12 films plus panel discussions, art exhibits, workshops, performances, exhibits, and music. Opening night features Hema Hema, a film by Dzongsar … Continue 

Rev. angel Kyodo williams: Why Your Liberation is Bound Up With Mine – Podcast 194

by “Meditation in the City,” the New York Shambhala Center podcast In the face of today’s political and social unrest, is it possible to create a wise, kind, and strong human society? Rev. angel Kyodo williams speaks about how the collective process of waking up is closely related to the truth of interdependence. Listen here. Meditation … Continue 

Do Gurus Go Grocery Shopping?

Talking Fatherhood, Ego and Momos with Buddhist Leader Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche From the Fatherly Podcast As the leader of the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche travels the world, both teaching seminars and in retreat. The 55-year-old is also the father of three young daughters. Here the Sakyong—the author of, most recently, The Lost Art of Good Conversation—discusses finding … Continue 

Invitation to Help Stop “Buddhist Terror”

By Melanie Klein, BSC Director Dear Boulder Shambhala Community, Amidst the great suffering in the world today, one conflict, known as the “Buddhist Terror,” continually pulls at my heart. In Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, up to an estimated one million people, the Rohingya, have been cruelly driven from their homes. Many have been killed, and the survivors … Continue