Staff Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Boulder Shambhala Center, please contact a staff member. We will be happy to assist you.

Reception and General Information
303-444-0190, ext. 100

Staff Directory
Alphabetical by last name

Renee Cowan
Director of Practice and Education
303-444-0190, ext. 115

Melanie Klein
Executive Director
303-444-0190, ext. 119

Jacob Solomon
Director of Community Programs
303-444-0190, ext. 106

Eileen Malloy
Director of Operations
303-444-0190, ext. 102

Travis May
Communications and Publicity Manager
303-444-0190, ext. 116

Tracy Suchocki
Director of Membership and Service
303-444-0190, ext. 125

Nicole Pressly Wolf
Families and Children Coordinator
303-444-0190, ext. 110


Boulder Shambhala Center Satellite Staff

The satellite staff is a core group of volunteers who serve the Boulder Shambhala Center for six months at a time in contracted positions. They work several hours a week in important roles that support the full- and part-time Center staff. In return they receive some program merit as well as the opportunity to practice through their path of service. All Satellite Staff must be graduates of Shambhala Training III and members of the Boulder Shambhala Center.

If you are interested in joining the satellite staff, please contact Tracy Suchocki, Director of Membership and Service, at