A Statement of Sorrow, Care, & Commitment

June 3, 2020

The Boulder Shambhala Center takes an emphatic, uncompromising and immovable stand against the atrocities of racism and the oppression, marginalization, and inequity perpetrated upon human beings of diverse religious, gender identity, color, and socioeconomic groups.

We of Shambhala view the diversity of humankind as a treasure in the expanse of the world.

We abhor the ongoing oppression and violence against the Black community and communities of color, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, and against all marginalized and discounted communities. We stand with the Black community, and all communities of color, in seeking equity, justice, respect, honor, and opportunity. We seek justice for the unconscionable death of George Floyd.

The path of Shambhala unfolds the ancient and universal wisdom, held also by many other spiritual paths, proclaiming that the inherent nature of all human beings is kind, loving, wise, good, and uncompromisingly equal. Unfortunately the world is in a dark time, when hundreds of millions of people are profoundly disconnected from these intrinsic qualities, seeking happiness in power and materialism, and enacting gross inequities, atrocities, and abuse upon others. With this an intensifying, repeating cycle of rage, despair, further oppression and abuse accelerates.

We recognize our privilege in Shambhala as a largely white community, who have not only had the comfort and means in life to connect with the Buddha and Shambhala Dharma, but also of enjoying the inherent freedom to delight in success, social and geographic mobility, justice, and open doors in society. We seek to understand our privilege more thoroughly, the ways we have been unaware of this freedom, and how this intrinsic privilege has often been at the expense of equity for and the well-being of others.

Furthermore, the Boulder Shambhala Community seeks genuine inclusivity and the skillful means to convey and accomplish this. We agree with this statement from President Chuck Lief of Naropa University that “It requires a community wide agreement that the work is required, not elective, and without such an agreement we cannot be fully educated or fully human.” We dedicate ourselves to work and engage in self-reflection and action, to actively participate in education and allyship, and to work toward dismantling systemic injustice in ways that align with compassion and truth.

With an open and tender heart,
Jessie Friedman, Executive Director
& The Boulder Shambhala Center Staff


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