Community Support Network

Dear Boulder Shambhala Community,

We hope that you all are taking good care of yourselves physically, psychologically, and emotionally during this stunning time. Ground and nurture yourselves, stay connected virtually with friends and family, and ask for the help and support you need, please.

Keep your body moving—daily yoga, lujong, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, jumping jacks will help! It would be great to set up a schedule to practice these and other workouts virtually with friends for inspiration and a sense of community and connection. Virtual dance parties are happening! And walks (or running or biking) outside, 6 ft. away from others, are encouraged.

Remember to breathe—we’ve heard it a million times, perhaps to the point of boredom, and yet that reminder always seems to make a difference. 


The Boulder Shambhala Center staff is working round the clock to convert our programs, study groups, and practice sessions to live Zoom meetings. 

We also are combining our efforts to create additional streams of resources and creative ideas to keep our extraordinary community strong, hearty, present, and forward thinking at this time. For starters, we want to share Yo Yo Ma’s Songs of Comfort, here’s his first, and the Metropolitan Opera which is streaming live opera every night.


Additionally we are inviting sangha members to bring offerings of music, poetry, and prose, in the same manner that we bring our offerings to a Feast. 

Record yourself playing and/or singing, or reading your own or another amazing writer’s words. Send the recording to [email protected] and we will post your offerings in succession, rather than all at once, on the BSC Website, BSC Facebook Page, COVID-19 Support page, and BSC newsletter.


We do want to remind you that the Boulder Shambhala Center has created a sangha support network. Below are the links for requesting assistance and for offering assistance during this time:

  • If you are in need of support due to COVID-19 issues (i.e., emotional support, meals, groceries, pharmacy/errand run, child care, pet care), please fill out this Google Form.
  • If you are able to volunteer some time to assist those in need, please fill out this Google Form.

Please do fill out forms for community members who you feel may be in need, and might not be aware of the support network or unlikely to fill out a form or request assistance. Also please know that BSC is extending this network to all old students and close friends of Shambhala, who may no longer be members or active in the community.


As we experience this vast unknown, many, if not most, of us are dealing with enormous uncertainty, and perhaps anxiety and fear; at the same time everywhere I look I see the fundamental goodness, caring hearts, and the kindness of human beings in action, forming networks of care, free services and support, creative ideas for managing stress, loneliness, and boredom, as well as a household of children perhaps. Not to be corny, yet it is the truth that difficult times like these also inherently hold a healing balm for humanity in revealing our tender hearts and intrinsic nature, while demonstrating kindness to one another in an expression of genuine community. This provides a powerful reminder for humanity overall, not to be undervalued in the midst of the uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion many of us are also experiencing.


Oh, and as you keep abreast of the realities unfolding around us, maybe once (or twice) a day is enough? I suggest you turn the news off the rest of the day, however compelling it may seem. Challenging for me, but there is much more going on in the universe and our being aside from COVID-19! Wouldn’t it be better to spend more time there?


Warmest Regards,

Jessie Friedman, Executive Director

and BSC Staff