Boulder Shambhala Center Notice of Closure & Community Support Network

Boulder Shambhala Center

Notice of Closure & BSC Community Support Network

March 15, 2020    


Dear Boulder Shambhala Center Community,

I know you are all watching, preparing, and assessing your moves during this global public health emergency, along with thousands of people, businesses, and organizations around the country (and beyond of course). As you can imagine, the Center is among many who are flexing their community and organizational muscles to respond well to this time.


As a beginning, in alliance with the larger community and most of the world right now, one of our BSC priorities is to be a partner in working to slow down the spread of the virus. In concert with these efforts:


The Boulder Shambhala Center will be closed through Sunday March 29, 2020.


BSC Staff will determine ongoing closure as we approach March 29th, and will of course keep you all posted. We will be monitoring phone messages, and continuing to receive and respond to all BSC emails.


Our staff is gearing up to proceed with programs and group meetings virtually during this time.

It will be powerful for our members to continue with group practice, study, meetings, and gatherings via virtual options such as Zoom. It works! If you need assistance with technology, we would be delighted to help you!

This time can serve to be a rich source for building community and deepening our care, relationships, and communication with each other. With the gravity and heightened vigilance of these times, our connections with one another and our community truly can become stronger and more genuine than ever. That is a good thing! Let’s use this time to come together and keep our connections strong and meaningful.


The further purpose of this letter is to:

  • form an easy communication channel for sangha members who are in need of assistance due to falling ill and/or being among the health compromised, elderly, and other vulnerable groups in our community,
  • form an easy channel for sangha and associated community to sign-up, so way may do our best to assist those in need due to COVID-19.


At this time, this notice is being sent to current Shambhala Center members.

As we know, many of us have good friends and colleagues who are either former members or who remain closely associated with our sangha. I would like to also check in on and to extend our support system to these friends. Please share this with those who are closely associated with us one way or another, whom you feel could be in need.

Of course, our capacity has a limit. We extend enormous gratitude for those who can offer support at this time, and we understand that all are not able to do so. For decades we have had the ability to come together as Dharma practitioners, community, and family to assist sangha members in emergent situations. I have great pride and confidence that we will swiftly do so again!


Support & Sign-Up Information

  • If you are in need of support due to COVID-19 issues, please fill out this Google Form.
  • If you are able to volunteer some time to assist those in need, please fill out this Google Form.
  • Lastly for now, here is a link to a fairly cohesive overview and guidelines for COVID-19 from Boulder Community Health.

To the elderly and most vulnerable members, please practice social distancing as much as possible. You are precious to us, and we want you to remain healthy! Those of us who are healthy  and can assist others, and help slow down community spread by practicing social distancing—we appreciate your efforts on behalf of everyone.

Please take this time seriously and practice the cautionary advisories. We are all in this together, all over the world. Remember you are not alone, and you can contact us for assistance and support.


Thank you dear friends,

Jessie & BSC Staff