Community Council Nominations

Dear Community,

One of our Five Initiatives in response to the current situation, particularly around questions regarding hierarchy, monarchy, and the Court, is to establish a Community Council. This 5-7 member body will be established through self-nomination and voting by BSC members. The view is to increase the level of community input into BSC’s governance. Following nomination and voting, the Community Council will be installed on Shambhala Day 2020. In its first year, the Community Council will advise the Governing Council through regular attendance at Council meetings and develop approaches for more a formal role in governance to be effected in February 2021.

Please consider nominating yourself or encouraging someone you value to do so! It’s a great way to help Shambhala make the most of this pivotal time in our history.

The BSC Community Council is responsible for

1. Understanding the BSC community (members, former members, potential members) and its major concerns, questions, and ideas;

2. Advising the Executive Director and Governing Council on matters pertaining to community concerns;

3. Attending bi-monthly Governing Council meetings (rotating Community Council delegates as appropriate);

4. Investigating and proposing various governance approaches, in consultation with the Shambhala Process Team and elsewhere, one of which BSC will adopt by February 2021. These approaches will address how an Executive, a Board (Governing Council), and community representation (Community Council) share power in decision-making processes. The investigation will include not only best practices in the corporate world and the non-profit world, but also the Shambhala teachings on enlightened society and mandala principle. This effort will include leading a process for community review and feedback on the final list of potential approaches. The winning approach will be selected by consensus of the ED, Governing Council and Community Council. If consensus isn’t realized, a vote by these three bodies will establish the winning selection.

5. Participating in annual feedback regarding the Executive Director’s performance (forwarded to the Shambhala Director of Operations);

6. Serving 1- 3 years with replacements voted in annually to maintain 5-7 delegates in service. Delegates may serve additional terms after a one year gap in service.

7. Attending free of charge any BSC program, not including external rentals, materials fees, or heart gifts.

Nomination Process

Any member of BSC may apply. This means being listed in the Shambhala database as a member and being current on monthly contributions at whatever level was established or having made new arrangements going forward. The deadline is November 30th.

To self-nominate: Send to Travis at [email protected] 1) a short bio of your personal history as is relevant; 2) a statement about why you seek to be a Community Council delegate; and 3) a photo if you wish.

The nomination materials for each candidate will be displayed here on our website for the community to review. If you need help or have any questions, please contact Tracy at 303-444-0190 x125 or at at [email protected].


All BSC members will be able to vote in an online survey. The top 7 candidates will be selected (with a minimum vote of 5% of total respondents required for each candidate). If fewer than 7 candidates self-nominate or are voted in, 5 candidates will be selected.

The results will be announced in December.