Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel at BSC Recordings Available!



The Boulder Shambhala Center is pleased to announce that we are beginning to offer program recordings for purchase. After numerous requests from students outside of our immediate physical area and others unable to attend programs in person for a variety of reasons, we hope this new initiative will help these precious teachings reach a wider audience.

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel
August 10-11, 2019
Claiming Agency to Our Own Awakening

In this program, the brilliant and talented teacher, Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, tackled the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in fresh and beautifully articulate language. She even likes Dave Chapelle! Topics covered include dependent arising, pure perception, karma, healing vs. fixing, devotion, agency & discernment, and much more. This program was wonderful to be a part of and is not to be missed!

You can purchase or rent the professional, broadcast quality recordings here.