New Roof Photos & Progress Update

The roof is about 90% completed, despite continual rainy weather just about every day since the start of the project.  Academy Roofing has installed the final layer, the metal panels, on about 40% of the surface. They are working their way around to end in front of the scaffolding stairs to minimize walking on the panels that have been installed.

We had a leak on the west wall (right near the Yeshe Tsogyal thangka, which has been removed to a safe place for the time being).  This leak has occurred after every heavy rain for the last couple of years. We always assumed it was the flashing around the southwest chimney that was leaking, but that had been waterproofed already when the leak occurred during a light-ish rain this week.  So we are investigating whether the leak is coming from the south tser tog (or steeple) and the water’s running down a beam to the southwest chimney. We may run a hose from the landing bathroom up to the roof to test our theory on a dry day.

To some eyes, the north tser tog may be listing slightly.  Next time you’re walking down 14th street toward the Center, take a look at it.  Do you see a slight tilt? It’s hard to say. The base of the tser tog, that attaches it to the roof, is solid on both.