11th Hour Bell-Ringing Project

By Emily Takahashi of the BSC Green Team

Dear friends,

As some of you are aware, the Boulder Shambhala Center has been participating in the interfaith 11th Hour Bell-Ringing project since the beginning of this calendar year. And breaking news: Bill McKibben has just written the head organizer that he is asking his 350.org planning team to discuss the 11th hour calling as part of a national push for awareness and action!

On the 11th day of each month, at 11am for 11 minutes, members of local faith communities gather at the corner of 14th and Spruce and let the bells of First United Methodist Church, the large Shambhala gong, and other hand-held bells, shofars, and rins peal out for awareness on Climate Action.

This sacred practice replicates the ancient practice of sounding community bells in times of emergency. Participants are committed to this monthly gathering until the dangers of climate change, climate injustice, and threats to natural life forms have passed.

Let us gather larger numbers of concerned citizens! Join us if you can. Bring your noise-makers and your love for the Earth and its inhabitants! If you are not in the Boulder area, feel free to gather in your own community and join in!

Children are more than welcome : )

Together with our interfaith friends,

Emily Takahashi, Shambhala
Chris Lincoln, Shambhala
Marybeth Downing, Mt. View Methodist
Bonnie Sundance, Our Sacred Earth
Brenda Mehos, First United Methodist
Sheri Price, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship