Disruption: A Reflection on the Women’s Circle


By Emma Fox, leader of the Women’s Circle at BSC

Recently, I have been feeling so many things stirred up in my female body. Rage, grief, shame, guilt, painful longing. It feels like each time I come up for air, there at the surface awaits more news about violence against a black or brown body, a female body, the Earth’s body, or just general violence of a psychic or physical nature. What if I had the courage, the strength, the support I need to feel all that’s been stirred within me? What would happen if I embodied that rage, that grief, that shame, that guilt, even that painful longing?

These questions inspired me to offer a space just for women and female bodied humans to come together. To hold space for all we are feeling. To support each other in the hard work of naming our traumas. To listen deeply to our stories and to be seen as a human being. To allow things to be complicated and messy, even when our minds cling to a clean and simple narrative. To move out of our heads and into our bodies. To deepen our connection to the Earth. To disrupt. To disrupt. To disrupt…

The space we shared together in October filled my whole being with hope. Nine women sat vulnerably in a circle, each bringing their unique light to the space. There is a lot of work to be done, that’s for sure. Yet, sitting amongst these women and hearing how, despite our differences, we seem to have shared experiences and vision for how the culture must shift, I felt a sense of heat. Motivation. A feeling that if we continue gathering, uniting, processing, embodying, we will radically change the way we relate to ourselves and each other. We will demand change outside as we allow space for all that’s unfolding within our beautifully complex female bodies. I am so grateful for the women who attended this first circle, and am eager to continue this work at our next gathering.


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