BSC Practice and Education Director Job Opening


The Boulder Shambhala Center is looking for a new Practice and Education Director. This is a full time position starting on February 3rd, 2019. We are seeking a three-year commitment.

The P&E director position is both administrative and visionary. The Director is responsible for creating an annual schedule that includes Way of Shambhala programming, feasts, visiting teachers, Refuge and Bodhisattva vows and special events. The role also includes working with shastris and supporting teacher training and mentoring; collaborating with Shambhala P&E Office; coordinating programming with Shambhala Mountain Center and other Shambhala Centers along the Front Range; supervising the Path and Practice Administrator; and working with chöpons and event coordinators to create uplifted and wakeful practice environments.

The P&E Director, as a member of BSC’s staff, works collaboratively with the team and supports and advises the Executive Director. The P&E director also manifests the vision of the Great Eastern Sun, being available to community members and generally fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and caring enlightened society where all beings can discover basic goodness.

The successful candidate will have received the Rigden Abhisheka and will be deeply familiar with Shambhala forms, Shambhala educational curriculum, and the Shambhala terma. Being a Scorpion Seal practitioner and a graduate of the Shambhala Ritual Academy are a plus. S/he/they will also be an accomplished student of classic Tibetan Buddhism.

The following are among the primary duties of the P&E Director:

  • Establishing the program calendar and liturgical calendar
  • Annual budget planning and implementation
  • Database management for student eligibility and communications
  • Assigning Teachers, ADs, and MIs
  • Developing publicity strategies with the Publicity Manager
  • Regional planning and coordination
  • Overseeing public events such as the Open House and Drop-In Meditation
  • Conducting the weekly P&E planning meeting
  • Sitting on the BSC Governing Council
  • Being a supportive and communicative staff member who’s able to join the heaven of dharma with the earth of activity, inspire lungta and creativity in others, and incorporate critical feedback.



  • 40 hours/week; partial weekend shifts included



  • Approximately $37,000 per annum, negotiable based on experience
  • Dental, vision care coverage
  • Free program tuition at BSC and for many land center programs
  • 2 weeks vacation, 2 weeks retreat time, 2 weeks sick time


Application deadline: December 8, 2018

Please apply with your résumé and a cover letter describing your interest and suitability. Applications will be accepted through Dec. 8, 2018. Interviews will be scheduled in January. Please direct questions and application materials to Melanie Klein, BSC Executive Director, at


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